Website Overhaul Underway

We will be doing a major overhaul of our website here.  The overhaul is due to changing web technology that has rendered our current website very difficult to maintain. The website will be updated over the next month in incremental updates. Please bare with us as we move forward with the process. Additionally, a new and improved build of VhaBot

Vhabot Gets ReSharped with JetBrains

The project  has re-secured an Open Source License to JetBrain’s ReSharper extension for Visual Studio. The license code will be available only for active developers and contributors to the project.

Server Move

The website is in the process of a server move by getting a new host. The current host, which is CentOS  based has become unreliable.  We will be moving the website to a Windows Platform. This will enable the website to easily  interact with Vhabot using .Net for the the more advanced features that are planned in the future.

Bot Development Resumed

Development for the Bot has resumed after months of inactivity. Bot development was temporary frozen for a number of reasons. Funcom: Uncertainty of Funcom’s dedication to Anarchy Online.  With so many delays in their development of the “New Engine” and the lack of communication with fans, it is still a major concern. Population has dropped considerably, and Funcom does not seem to have a realistic plan of action.

Downloads Section Nerfed

The downloads section has been temporally disabled.  The vendor that supplies’ my download manager has recently updated their product that is causing issues for everyone that is using his product. Therefore, the downloads section will not work until the vendor can correct the problems. Vhabot can be downloaded using this link : Vhabot Download I apologize for the inconvenience .

Funcom Changes (Back to Rk5)

Apparently, Funcom has changed their minds yet again. First they were going to call the new dimension RK5, then they changed their minds and moved to Rk1. As of yesterday they changed back to Rk5. Anyone that has downloaded Vhabot previously, will have to download it again. The good news is that you only have to replace AoLib.dll with your current dll. Restart

VhaBot .0.8.1 (Merger Compatibility)

Anarchy Online has performed a merger of Rk1 and Rk2. This is an update to work with the new merged server. Notice: Due to the complexity of Vhabot using character ID,s and Org Id.s It is recommended that you treat this as a fresh install and start over with building your bot. The new server assigns new ID’s that will not match with your previous server. 

AO Server Merge

The server merge happened today. We will work hard to get the VhaBot up and running within a day or so with the new settings.