November 2015 Development Notes

Development Notes for November

As some of you may be aware that my long break from Anarchy Online is over as I have been quite tied up with real life issues for the last year. There have been a lot of in-game changes as well as changes in what services are out there for users to use. Websites have went AWOL and a few new ones have emerged. With this, some of the plugins require changes to interface with the new locations that bring you the best results.

I am working with the folks at Buddabot to produce services that will work with all AO Bots to avoid duplicate efforts. There is a great need to rework all the nano databases since Funcom has committed to the rebalance of professions and reduction of nanos. This will be started when the other services are caught up. It will be hosted at once the website is operational. We will probably be sticking to JSON since it to work with in C#, PHP and Java.

Some of the major changes planned are to use a different method that VhaBot uses to build AO windows that will allow for simpler methods rendering AOML. Changing the plug-in structure is still high on the list. MEF is an option that is being looked at. Furthermore, the use of SQLite needs to be ended since it requires tricky changes to get it to work on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines. Also SQLite only allows one connection at a time. Other embedded data structures are being looked at to maintain both database performance and to use true .NET native coding.