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This portal is for the Anarchy Online Community for the development and support of VhaBot NextGen. VhaBot NextGen is a multi-bot that is used in the MMPORG game, Anarchy Online by Funcom.  Nextgen is released as free open source software under the  GNU General Public License (GPLv3) specifications.

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  • NewsNov 24@ 10:08 pmKilmanagh

    November 2015 Development Notes

    Development Notes for November As some of you may be aware that my long break from Anarchy Online is over as I have been quite tied up with real life issues for the last year. There have been a lot of in-game changes as well as changes in what services are out there for users to use. Websites have went+

  • Forum Temporally Offline

    We have temporally taken down the forum section of the website while the website is under construction. This feature will be+

  • Website Overhaul Underway

    We will be doing a major overhaul of our website here.  The overhaul is due to changing web technology that+

  • Vhabot Gets ReSharped with JetBrains

    The project  has re-secured an Open Source License to JetBrain’s ReSharper extension for Visual Studio. The license code will be available only for active developers and contributors to the project.

  • Vhabot 1.0 RC1 Tecnhology Preview Released

    Version 1.0 RC1 Technology Preview has been released. .Net Framework 4.0 is now required. More information will be presented at a later date.

  • Server Move

    The website is in the process of a server move by getting a new host. The current host, which is CentOS+

  • Bot Development Resumed

    Development for the Bot has resumed after months of inactivity. Bot development was temporary frozen for a number of reasons. Funcom: Uncertainty of Funcom’s dedication to Anarchy Online.  With so many delays in their development of the “New Engine” and the lack of communication with fans, it is still a major concern. Population has dropped considerably, and Funcom does not seem to have a realistic plan of action.

  • DNet Feed Relay Plugin Released

    A DNet Feed Relay Plugin has been released. This will allow organization channels to read DNet broadcasts. For details on+

  • Downloads section back in operation

    The downloads section has been restored.

  • Downloads Section Nerfed

    The downloads section has been temporally disabled.  The vendor that supplies’ my download manager has recently updated their product that+

  • Funcom Changes (Back to Rk5)

    Apparently, Funcom has changed their minds yet again. First they were going to call the new dimension RK5, then they+

  • Quick-Start Guide in Progress

    A quick-start guide for users not familiar with the bot will be available soon. A few things ahead of time. If your using Vhabot as in org bot, you can assign it to your org bot in a couple easy steps:

  • VhaBot .0.8.1 (Merger Compatibility)

    Anarchy Online has performed a merger of Rk1 and Rk2. This is an update to work with the new merged server. Notice:+