VhaBot .0.8.1 (Merger Compatibility)

Anarchy Online has performed a merger of Rk1 and Rk2. This is an update to work with the new merged server.

Notice: Due to the complexity of Vhabot using character ID,s and Org Id.s It is recommended that you treat this as a fresh install and start over with building your bot. The new server assigns new ID’s that will not match with your previous server. 


There are several things you will have to take in mind.
•Make sure you have activated your bot character, you may find that you no longer have that bot name anymore.
•Run config.exe and make sure your bot is pointed to the new server (Rubika)
•In the config directory rename the directory that contains your bots name, It will say yourbotsname@rimor or atlantean (depending on which RK you were on) to yourbotsname@RubiKa
It can be downloaded at: https://vhabot.com/?wpdmact=process&did=OC5ob3RsaW5r



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