Submit a VhaBot Plug-in

This page is where a Plug-in developer can submit a new Vhabot plug-in that they have created or updated to the Official VhaBot Plug-In Library.

The plug-in will be reviewed and tested to ensure that the plug-in is fully functional and not a duplicate of another plug-in that is already available in the official library.

Since this is a community effort, Plug-in Developers are encouraged to improve and add functionality to existing Official Plug-Ins.

Please include a short description of the plug-in in the box below, along with any change notes, Also, include any other files needed that the plug-in needs to function properly.

Files can be submitted in .zip format or c#/vb extensions. Please do not submit plug-in as complied DLL’s which can not be properly inspected.

Thank you for your submission.