Bot Development Resumed


Development for Vhabot has resumed after months of inactivity.

Vhabot development was temporary frozen for the following reasons:

  • Funcom: Uncertainty of Funcom’s dedication to Anarchy Online.  With so many delays in their development of the “New Engine” and the lack of communication with fans, it is still a major concern. Population has dropped considerably, and Funcom does not seem to have a realistic plan of action.
  • Personal work loads: I had a massive .Net project at my real job that took every waking moment to finish.
  • Website Issues: The CMS that is being used had a number of updates that crippled the website here at Those issues have been resolved. However, the site has a complete makeover planned.
  • Vhabot 1.0: Vhabot 1.0 was completed in December 2013, and has yet to be released do to time constraints. The official release will be coming soon. It is noteworthy that the new version is not compatible with Mono and requires .Net 4.0 Framework.  Vhabot comes with a number of changes that makes threading more reliable and reduces lag time considerably.
  • Future Planning: Plans are being made for a brand new version of Vhabot that will revolutionize chat-bots on Anarchy Online. With all due respect, the current bots, BotSharp, Vhabot, and Budabot uses the same outdated methodology. Vhabot 2.0 will be designed to perform as an enterprise application, including how the bot is interfaced.

It is the hopes that Funcom starts to place more effort into Anarchy Online to increase the population of the server and to give us the impression that they care about their flagship product.