VhaBot .0.8.0 Released

Announcing the lastest version of VhaBot with all updated plug-ins. This version fixes numerous bugs and upgrades to the core as well as plug-ins. The file can be downloaded here.

Core Changes:

  • Visual Basic Plugins now complie correctly
  • Sendirc Function and Events that allows plugins to send a message directly to irc
  • Contributors to plugins can now be listed in the plugin while the originial author is retained.
  • XML now fixed to allow !server to work again Users can be displayed with first “nick” last names if wanted other Misc changes

Plugin Changes:

Note: Most updated plugins will not work with the current .79 engine because they are using some of the new functions that are in the unoffical .80 release. However, the .80 engine is backwards compatable to any previous plugins. There are two good new Visual Basic plugins that are included as an example.

  • irc_Core.cs – Added Handler and code to new IrcMessageEvent
  •  ll_DynaCamps.cs – Windowed Output, minor bug fixes
  • ll_Friends.cs – Output Group by online status, PM feature to online friends
  • ll_NPCs.cs –  Minor Bug Changes
  •  vh_City.cs – Raising/Lowering Cloak History DB, Irc Output option
  • vh_ItemBuffs.cs – Added to default plugins
  • vh_KOS.cs – Added to default plugins
  • vh_Levels.cs – Max AI/LE Adopted new xml
  • vh_Neutnet.cs – Added to default plugins
  • vh_Notify.cs – Added Irc Option, First “Nick” Last Name output option
  • vh_Online.cs – Added PM option, other misc
  • vh_PrivateGroup.cs – First “Nick” Last Name output option
  • vh_Stats.cs – Added to default plugins
  • vh_Towers.cs – Irc output Option, fix: Unable to Archive when org contains a ‘
  • vh_Whereis.cs – Minor Bug fixes, Windowed Output
  • vh_uMob.cs – Minor Bug fixes, Windowed Output
  • vh_XmlServices.cs – !server fixed, misc fixes
  • kil_OrgMemberTracker.vb – Tracks and archives all Org Joins, Leaves, Kicks.
  • kil_Topic.vb – !topic function