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VhaBot Plug-in Guide

Title Version Author Date
IRC Relay 1.26 Kilmanagh 12/22/2012
Module/Category Minimum Core Version Dependencies
IRC Module 0.8.0 irc_Queue.cs


IRC Relay allows a connection from Vhabot to a designated IRC Channel. This can allow messages from an IRC Chat room to be relayed to an Organizational channel, Private channel or both. Additionally, messages from Private Channels and Org channels can be sent to IRC. IRC relays are also commonly used to link different org bots for combined org chats.

NickServ Functionality

In order to make use of the Nickserv functions, you must connect to a IRC server that supports name reservations. This reserves the names on IRC servers so only you can use the name. Each server may have its own way of reserving IRC nicknames.Initially you will need to log on to the IRC server with an IRC client and use the name of the bots IRC name that you will be using. Follow the directions provided by the server to register a nickname. Most of the time you will be sent a link to your email to verify your email address and activate the process. The server should tell you the commands to authenticate a registered nickname. Most servers use nickserv , and use the /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password command to authenticate a nickname. In this scenario you would configure the bot to use: Nickserv Name: Nickserv, NickServCommand: identify, NickServ Password: (your password).

If you are using for you would use: Nickserv Name: Q, NickServCommand: ident, NickServ Password: (your password).


API Functionality

Plug-ins can send messages to IRC using the Vhabot.BotShell.SendIrcMessage(string message) function.


Configuration Settings
Name Data Type Default Value Description
IRC Server Address String IRC Server to connect to
IRC Server Port Integer 6667 IRC Server Port
IRC Server Password String IRC Server password if required
Nickname String Name for bot to use on IRC Server
NickServ Name String Name of NickServer to authenticate with
NickServ Command String Command to authenticate with Nickserv
NickServ Password String Password to authenticate with NickServ
Channel String IRC Channel to use
Channel Password String IRC Channel password if required
Log Channel String IRC Log Channel to use if desired
Log Password String IRC Log Channel password to use
IRC Message Cap Integer 400 Max characters allowed per message to relay
Message Color color Color of IRC messages relayed back to AO channels
Relay Mode String guild Relays IRC messages to guild, private channel or both
Auto-Connect Boolean false Auto Connect to IRC Server
AO Connect Syntax String off Prefix text to be sent to IRC Server with each message or it will be ignored
IRC Connect Syntax String off Prefix text to be sent to AO Channels with each message or it will be ignored
IRC Reconnect Delay Integer 45 Reconnection Delay


Name Description Security Level Required
irc Displays the IRC Configuration and Status Window Admin
irc start Starts the IRC services Admin
irc stop Stops the IRC services Admin
irc restart Retarts the IRC services Admin
irc online Returns names of users on the IRC channel Member
irc cleartopic Clears the current IRC channel topic. Note: Bot character must have admin rights on IRC channel. Admin
irc topic Returns or changes the IRC Channel Topic. Note: Bot character must have admin rights on IRC channel to change topics.
Usage: irc topic [new topic]. If new topic is not designated it will display the current IRC channel topic
irc kick Kicks a user from the IRC Channel. Note: Bot character must have admin rights on IRC channel.irc kick [username] Admin
irc raw Sends a raw IRC command. irc raw [command] Admin
say Broadcasts a message to target. Valid targets are: all, guild, guest, irc. say [target] [message] Admin


External Dependencies

Type Location
Irc Server


Change Log

1.26 Changes:

  • IRC Configuration and Status Window now shows if IRC connection is offline or online
  • IRC connection no longer disconnects for no fatal errors and messages
  • Added NickServ Support
  • Added IRC Channel Topic support
  • Added Kick functionality
  • Added help support




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