Website Overhaul Underway

We will be doing a major overhaul of our website here.  The overhaul is due to changing web technology that has rendered our current website very difficult to maintain. The website will be updated over the next month in incremental updates. Please bare with us as we move forward with the process. Additionally, a new and improved build of VhaBot

Server Move

The website is in the process of a server move by getting a new host. The current host, which is CentOS  based has become unreliable.  We will be moving the website to a Windows Platform. This will enable the website to easily  interact with Vhabot using .Net for the the more advanced features that are planned in the future.

New Plugin: Doja Chips

Doja Chips plugin for Vhabot has been created. For details and an extensive guide on the plug-in can be found here. Description: Shows info of DOJA chips and which chip you need at your level. Ported from Budabot. Download Link  

VhaBot Website up and Running

Vhabot Logo

The Vhabot website is up and running. Most of the site is still under production, so please bare with me. I intend to make this one of the best communities for any Anarchy Online third party software available. There will be extensive guides for Plug-In Developers as well as guides for each plugin. Additionally, since this is a community project,