Doja Chips


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Title Version Author Date
Doja Chips 1.00 Kilmanagh 01/11/2013
Module/Category Minimum Core Version Dependencies
HelpBot 0.8.0


Shows info of DOJA chips and which chip you need at your level.Notes:

Ported from Budabot that was developed by Mackten.



Doja [level 1-220]


Omitting the level will show info about all Doja Chips the guide will tell you:

  • Levels needed for each Doja Chip
  • Locations with waypoints of mobs that drop Doja Chips
  • Special Doja Chips



Enter a level to show which Doja Chip you need at your level (1 – 220)

This will display the doja chip you need to loot at your level and the mobs that drop them.



Change Log

1.00 Original Version