NeutNet Feed Relay

VhaBot Plug-in Guide

Title Version Author Date
Neutnet Feed Relay 1.01 Kilmanagh 12/26/2012
Module/Category Minimum Core Version Dependencies
News Feed 0.8.0


Relays NeutNet Messages to Guildchat



You can register your bot to NeutNet and it gets the spam first. However, there are some limitations to this:

•Person registering the bot has to be at least level 150

•The bot needs to be member of an organization

•Person registering and the bot need to be in same organization

•If the registered owner of the bot joins a different organization or there is a mismatch between the organization of the bot and the owner, the subscription will be automatically removed.

•Bot cannot have alts


!registerbot <botname>

Registers the bot with the system


!unregisterbot <botname>

Removes the bot registration


!statusbot <botname>

Shows control panel for the bot. With the control panel, you can subscribe and unsubscribe channel


Configuration Settings

Name Data Type Default Value Description
Send Neutnet messages to IRC Boolean False Relays IRC messages to IRC


Change Log

1.01 Changes:

  • Support for increased number of NeutNet bots to listen to (now up to Neutnet21)
  • Added IRC Relay Support, Optionally NeutNet messages can be relayed to your IRC channel
  • Changed Tile from NeutNet Spam Relay to NeutNet Feed Relay